The audit is a systematic and independent check designed to isolate and remedy the areas of weaknesses within the WAFERFAB.  Our goal is to provide best-in-class baseline yield and variability in yield as well as output and time to ramp up a new technology.

There are 3 main types of assessment;

  1. Assessment and report.

  2. Assessment, a report and coaching for implementation of results.

  3. Assessment, a report, and an embedded team to implement improvements and maintain them.

The audit includes an assessment of methodology and its practice for high yield and new technology introduction and costs due to inefficiency.

Our audit checks to ensure the fab is run for stable and high yield, output, new technology introduction and cost.  AFT's audit assess the following;

  • Verify that the management system is knowledgeable of the best-in-class performance in terms of methodology, execution of methodology that is backed by stable and high yield, high output.

  • Check to ensure that, technically, the fab is setup to avoid problems in terms of high baseline and excursions for yield, including a prioritisation of those process steps that affect yield.

  • Ensure that the right controls and control limits are setup to a yield target and that the fab has a thorough understanding of the relationship between equipment and process signals to yield and device performance.