Our unique methodology has been designed and developed over decades from our fab experience across multiple technology nodes. Our team of proven experts have collectively amassed more than 100 years’ worth of experience by improving more than 25 individual waferfabs.  This approach combines a multitude of academic learning and onsite-practical experience, which collectively allows us to observe data differently, isolate and pinpoint improvements in yield, output, and cost. Our methodology ensures a large number of false positive work is eliminated allowing for an efficient, fast and productive workforce.

The foundation of our uniqueness is our ability to tie results (yield and output) to all inputs, including equipment, process, integration, materials, interactions, clean room and FDC (equipment sensor information that is referred to as Fault Detection and Classification).

The implementation of our methodology is tailored for each client’s needs and is a closely guarded secret we only share on a one on basis but typically you can expect to experience a process of;

  • Instrumentation Improvement

  • Result Assessment

  • Plan Implementation

  • Project Conclusions

  • Fab Audit

  • Goal Definition

  • Equipment Assessment

  • Inline Goal Definition

This methodology can also be applied to new fab startup, technology transfer, equipment – process setup and maintenance for stability and fast ramp.