We offer a holistic Training and Development Program to proactively avoid WAFERFAB performance problems or fix existing problems.  The order of priority for decision making is 1. Yield, 2. Output and 3. Cost and 4. New Technology Development and Ramp.

The training covers fundamental theory and practical case studies focusing on both problem avoidance and fast problem solving developed from our teams' extensive knowledge base of learning.  Unique problems that go otherwise undetected while a wafer is being processed in the WAFERFAB are demonstrated by highlighting the limits. 

The training includes:

  1. Process Integration Training for all the WAFERFAB Personnel.
    • Process Flow Training, Priority 1 Tool list for yield, parametric, output and new technology. The training prioritises chronic process steps that cause baseline and excursions, including interactions of upstream and downstream steps.
    • Loop Release.
  2. Equipment and Process setup and Release for high yield, output and cost.
    • PM success training.
      • Change not effected fast enough, useful enough…problem includes centring.
    • Methodology includes:
      • Project plan.
      • Findings file.
      • Kb.
      • Bandwidth.
      • Templates.
      • PRD.
    • Review/follow-up.
      • Tracking metrics.
  3. Control for baseline and excursion of yield and output at for equipment and process. Control incudes SPC, FDC (equipment signals defined as Fault Detection and Classification) and interactions).
  4. Manufacturing.
    • Cycle time training.
  5. Yield Improvement training, with yield lessons learned.
  6. Technology Transfer.
  7. New Wafer-WAFERFAB startup.
  8. New Technology Introduction.
  9. FMEA/Lessons Learned.