Vision & Mission

As Advanced Fab Technology Inc., our primary goal is to provide a trusted and proven consultancy service for improving fab performance of existing and new fab startup to achieve best-in-class results. Our mission is to assist waferfabs in improving performance, both intrinsically and holistically in equipment and process setup and operational functions, including margins, interactions, materials and control to result in

  • Improved yield, device performance, output, and cost

  • Improved new technology ramp and transfer

  • Improved loadings

Through our unique methodology, developed over the lifetime of our experts, we ensure that the comprehensive approach of waferfab improvement is carried out simultaneously and to the benefit of all parts, not focused on one individual element to the detriment of another.

 Advanced Fab Technology is proud to be independent. Our discretion is of the outmost importance as we understand the highly sensitive nature of the work we carry out.  Therefore, we have tailored a number of legally binding agreements, which allows us to act with complete transparency within each commission.